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Let me start with why you need to join the Solution Focused University, because it’s AWESOME! It really is that simple!

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Now let me tell you all about it.
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Though the official start of the SFU was in 2016, the truth is, I had been thinking of creating this for many years prior to that. As I spent years traveling around the world lecturing about the Solution Focused Approach I began to notice a pattern.
This pattern became even more illuminated as I wrote books and conducted research on this approach.

What I noticed is the professionals that were the most confident and effective with this way of working belonged to a community. A community where they could access resources to help their work as well as get support and guidance when needed.

The problem is, most professionals around the globe do not have access to the kind of community needed to master this approach.

So, once I started sharing my materials online, I knew I wanted to feature a community that would help its members build their Solution Focused skills beyond their wildest dreams.

The Solution Focused University was born!
Here’s What It Is
The Solution Focused University is a monthly subscription service that delivers monthly training materials and live training events, as well as access to the largest library of training videos in the world.
"I am so glad to have found the SFU. It is the perfect support for doing this work. I trained in SFBC last year so I am glad to be able to ask questions of the more experienced practitioners, who have all been very welcoming and supportive. The weekly practice calls, recorded monthly content, and Intervision (group supervision) calls are essential to improving my skills and getting my questions answered. SFU uniquely combines a convivial community with an in-depth set of professional resources for growing my practice.

The monthly Intervision call alone is worth the SFU membership fee. There is so much content and support here, it's really worth the investment."

Pascale Scheurer
As A Member Of The SFU You’ll Get...
  • Community: The SFU features hundreds of members from all around the world. As a member, you will have access to the community where you can get guidance and support in your work.
  • Expertise: Members of the SFU are among the leaders in the field of the Solution Focused Approach as some SFUers are among the most prominent authors, researchers and lecturers in the world.
  • Consultation: Each month SFUers are able to join live coaching calls and consultation meetings where they can bring their questions and cases.
  • Practice: One of the most popular features of the SFU is the weekly practice meetings which helps professionals hone their skills and keep them sharp.
  • Resources: The SFU features the largest collection of Solution Focused training videos. This includes interviews with some of the most prominent professionals in the field, session videos, and lectures.

Here’s what you get every month…

  • Monthly Training Materials: Each month a series of training materials on a specific topic or aspect of the Solution Focused Approach will be uploaded into the members only portal. The materials will contain lectures, interviews, and more, depending on the monthly topic.
  • Monthly Coaching Call: Each month Elliott will host a monthly coaching call where SFUers can ask questions about their work or anything else that will enhance their understanding and use of this approach.
  • Weekly Practice Exercises: Each week we host a practice session for SFUers. During this live call, our facilitator will lead an exercise with the attendees. Each week is a different exercise and these are the exact kind of exercises done by Elliott at his live events.
  • Solution Focused Intervision: No matter how skilled or experienced someone is, we all need help and guidance in our work worth clients. Our monthly intervision meeting is where we get that help, from one of the worlds intervision experts.
  • The Solution Focused Directory: As a member of the SFU you will be able to list your practice on the only directory, specifically for Solution Focused professionals, in the world!
  • Solution Focused Session Library: The Solution Focused Approach is hard to master and one of the key things you need is to see examples. That is why we have created a session library inside the members only portal that features several actual sessions so you can see this approach in action and use it as a training tool.
  • SFU Virtual Practice Room Access: You can buddy up with other SFU members to practice your skills, maintain your fluency or provide each other with peer supervision.
  • Members Only Portal: All of the content the SFU provides is placed in the members only portal. As an SFU member you will get a screen name and password that gives you access to this portal where you can find resources. This portal will also allow you to connect with other SFU members. This library of materials is the largest collection of Solution Focused materials available in the entire field and you have total access to it!
  • Facebook Group For Members: Another way the SFU members stay connected is in our members only Facebook group. There are always lively discussions and hopeful sharing within this group, you will love it! This is one of the best ways to stay connected to other members and feel like a member of the community.
  • Recordings And Downloads: Each of the live features within the SFU is recorded and posted in the members only portal where you can watch the materials or download to your device.
  • Monthly Certificate Of Completion: Each month you will get a certificate that will allow you to get continuing education credits to maintain your professional license.
"The content provided by the SFU is by far the best and most current information about SFBT out there. The opportunities to interact with other like-minded practitioners are invaluable, and engaging. And, the resources provided are exceptional. If all of this wasn’t enough, the best part about the SFU is the community. The SFU members are like a big extended family. The group is much more than a bunch of practitioners, we really care about each other! This is a great Professional home!"

Dr. Adam Froerer

The Monthly Value

  • Training Materials [value of $197]
  • ​Coaching call [value of $250]
  • ​Access to the Facebook Group [value of $97]
  • ​Solution Focused Intervision [Value of $250]
  • ​Listing in the Solution Focused Directory [value of $47]
  • ​Weekly Practice Calls [value of $397]
  • ​Access to SFTV [value of $7.97]
  • ​And there's even more...keep reading!

Bonus Materials

  • 101 Solution Focused Questions Full Course: The most popular course I have ever created features over 100 demonstrations of Solution Focused questions with clients. These videos are priceless as they show exactly how I ask each question and how to lead into the next question. It’s no surprise this is the course that people ask for the most! As an SFU member, you will get access to this full course with your membership. [value of $997]
  • Solution Focused Master Series: Another very popular training I released is a collection of hour long interviews I did with some of the biggest names in the Solution Focused field. This includes Eve Lipchik, Bill O’Hanlon, Chris Iveson, Peter DeJong, Adam Froerer and more! This series is more than 10 hours of interviews and as an SFU member you get the whole series with your membership. [value of $997]
  • Live Online Workshop "Solution Focused Brief Therapy: A Look Behind the Curtain": In the coming weeks I was scheduled to lecture several places, one of which was a lecture at the Psychotherapy Networker Symposium. I have spent months working on this workshop and want to share it, even though the event has been canceled. So I am hosting that event online, live. The exact date and time will be announced at a later date but anyone who signs up for the SFU during this registration period can attend this event free (and get the replay). Note: This bonus is only available until the available spaces for this event are gone. So please act fast sign up for the SFU. [value of $197]
  • Solution Notes: (Coming soon): We are very excited about this! In the next couple of months we will be announcing the creation of a new Electronic Health Records (EHR) System specifically designed for Solution Focused professionals and this system will be free for SFU members! [value of $997]
That's a Total Value of more than $4000!

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